The company was founded in 1971 by Enzo Belletti, from the corporate restructuring of last- and heel-factory ELPIDIENSE.
In the years 70s/80s Enzo Belletti, and some assistant, in a small workshop, met the best designer of the period and together, they gave their contribution at the creation of a fashion that, up to our days, expresses the lifestyle of a time. Then, the best technique available consisted in mechanical lathes for a copy of accuracy, for the best serial reproduction of handmade last models.
In the first 90s the company made more and more a name, with an increasing demand of last models, so were put in some young apprentices that started working under the wise instructions of the founder. In the productive field, besides the copying lathes, were put in some automatic machinery  for the articulation (wedge and pivoting) and was introduced the idea of “core production”, an operator turned and finished tip and heel of the last so that every committee was realized by the same hand, in order to standardize quality and increase accuracy.
In the half of the 90s started the generational exchange with the children: Ubaldo, Claudio and Barbara respectively in the administrative, technical and commercial role.
1998 is the year of the first technological revolution, through the coming of numerical control machines, that the company soon adopted, at first for model-making and later for production.
2000 marks the usage of the first CAD software for last-makers that, linked to the experience matures in those years, allowed our model-maker a faster, more efficient and of higher quality service.
This development and intuitions that turned out more and more effective, made necessary a seat more proper and  suitable to face the challenges of the XXI century. So, it was bought and restructure an industrial building, where we transferred all the business in the first months of 2002. In that time, we were the first Italian last-maker to produce only using numerical control machines, leaving apart the traditional lathes, now obsolete and inadequate.
2007 is the year of the second technological revolution: laser last digitizing and some new high-tech machines, that produces fully turned lasts included tip and heel, eliminated manual finishing of these parts, the most critical point for the perfection of the product.
We are proud to be one of the two last-makers in Europe that are using this technology.
This our history, tell it is source of satisfaction pride for us; it represents also the best incentive and the greatest spur to reach new goals.