Last optical digitizing

Last optical digitizing of latest generation used in Formificio ENZO can exactly reproduce in digital format a model in a time of twelve minutes. As it has an optical toucher there isn’t any contact with the model and all inaccuracies due to inflections of interaction are eliminated. It can also display the model free from media necessary for its realization.



It is the most innovative and efficient technology available nowadays. It permits to carry out the complete last turning. So, there is no need to finish manually tips and heels , you have only to remove the upper support that is used for the clutching. The result is an absolute possibility to repeat and a better and uniform quality standard at any time. Only two last factories in Europe are equipped with this technology, Formificio ENZO is one of these.



Thanks to modern cad that interact with output files from last optical digitizing, we are able to modify rapidly models according to lines and style demanded. In this way we can effectively reduce time necessary to translate ideas and intuitions into a real wood model. From the key combination between hand-made and experience of our designers and potential of modern cad system, in respect of tradition, we can make real style, technique and comfort in the producing of your lasts, tools of the greatest precision essential for the realization of your shoes.


Optical Digican